Why do I need a referral?

A referral is a medical assessment and documentation of your treatment needs. We use the referral as a starting point to help you find the right type of examination and treatment.
We also require a referral to see if the treatment is covered by insurance.

Exceptions where you do not need a referral:

What kind of physical therapy does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers treatment by physiotherapists, chiropractors, manual therapists and physiotherapists.

Does the insurance cover medicines and aids?

No. The insurance only covers medications and assistive devices used as part of treatment in the hospital / clinic. Medicines and utilities that you buy yourself will not be refunded.

Can I still use the insurance if I get an appointment through the public health system?

Yes, you can always opt for treatment at a private hospital / clinic through the health insurance as an alternative to the appointments you’ve already gotten through the public health system. When you have new appointments through the health insurance, it is important that you adhere to the original appointments in advance to free up space for the next person in the public health queue.